IRST Dino Amadori IRCCS

Organisational Structure

The Governance System and Corporate Bodies

IRST's foundation is represented by its Articles of Association. Drawn up in strict compliance with Legislative Decree 175/16 (Act on Companies in Public Administration), given its nature as a company in public control S.r.l., the Articles of Association are the point of reference for the entire organisation, identifying the Bodies, powers, and related functions and duties. The document to which the organisation conforms is the Company Deed, which is the basis of the Organisational Structure and Chart.
Following the model proposed by Legislative Decree 288/2003 (Reorganisation of the discipline of the Institutes of hospitalisation and care with scientific purpose) the Institute, as an IRCCS, adopts the governance model inspired by the principle of separation between the functions of strategic guidance and control from those of management and administration of activities. To this end, the political-administrative management of IRST S.r.l. consists of the Shareholders' Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the Management. This Report is an instrument of corporate governance as provided for publicly controlled companies (art. 6, paragraph 3, Legislative Decree 175/16).