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Mission and Objectives

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The mission
Istituto Scientifico per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (IRST) IRCCS was founded to give substance to the conviction that the fight against cancer can be won.

The constant progress made in preventing the onset of cancer, the effectiveness of treatments, quantifiable in increased survival rates and continuous achievements in the field of research, testify to the fact that what until recently was considered a hope, is now a reality - a reality consolidated day after day thanks to the dedication of thousands of physicians, researchers and scientists worldwide.

IRST is part of the Regional Health System and is located within the Health Authority of Romagna.  Fully complying with the guidelines of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) and the Association of American Cancer Institutes (AAIC), it is a candidate to become a new population-oriented model of a Comprehensive Cancer Care Network within the Romagna Health Authority

IRST promotes and manages cancer research with the aim of gaining knowledge and furthering excellence, innovation and progress in the areas of diagnosis/healthcare and organizational pathways. The Institute collaborates with the Health Authority of Romagna in regional health planning on cancer and works steadfastly to meet the needs and expectations of the population by guaranteeing the following activities:  molecular, evaluative and descriptive epidemiological analyses; instrumental diagnostics; biomolecular and biofunctional characterization of tumors; and multidisciplinary programs and activities of research, training, treatment and care.

The Institute ensures continuity of care and organizational efficiency. In the services provided, IRST fulfils its social responsibility towards patients and the territory in which it operates, maintaining the safety and respect of the patient at the center of every action and project, in accordance with the fundamental values and principles of the National Health System:

  • universality and equity;
  • appropriateness and impartiality;
  • continuity and reliability;
  • participation and transparency;
  • efficiency, effectiveness and economy.

Strategic objectives
As part of its mission, the Institute has several objectives:

  • to assume the role of central node and leader in the field of clinical, biological and translational research within the Wide Catchment Area of Romagna (AVR) and at both the regional and national level;
  • to guarantee a comprehensive approach to cancer patients;
  • to promote the implementation of research results in clinical practice;
  • to increase the quality of care for cancer patients;
  • to experiment new organizational models in order to strengthen and improve the relation between the nodes of the AVR oncology network;
  • to guarantee the continued expertise of professionals through the enhancement of training activities;
  • to promote collaborations and exchange of know-how with other centers of excellence.            

Scientific activity
Since it began operating, IRST has had the task of promoting and managing cancer research. The institute organizes and coordinates the following::

  • cancer research and experimentation within the area of Romagna;
  • infrastructure needed to support the promotion, execution and evaluation of cancer research and care in Romagna;
  • treatments using emerging or innovative technologies;
  • continuous training in the area of oncology.

IRST, in its role as ‘hub’, co-ordinates and manages cancer research and clinical trials. The Oncology Network of Romagna pursues the following objectives: higher professional competence for all the Oncology Units/Departments in the area; autonomy with respect to cancer treatments for the resident population; homogeneity of the offer of innovative and experimental treatments; increased patient recruitment capacity for studies proposed by external promoters or by the network itself.

There are 4 lines of research that identify the main clinical-scientific areas of interest of the institute.

Care and assistance
In addition to those mentioned above, IRST carries out a number ‘extra business’ functions within the regional oncology network. In particular:

  • Reference centre for the prescription and preparation of innovative cancer drugs;
  • Hub for high oncological complexity in the Romagna network (Regional Directive no. 1962/2009 and Regional Directive 199/2013);
  • Regional function as Biological Resource Centre (Cancer Biobank) which is part of the national (RIBBO) and European (BBMRI) cancer biobank networks;
  • Third-level reference centre for genetic counselling;
  • Romagna Cancer Registry and epidemiological support.
Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (I.R.S.T.) S.r.l.
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